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Zen Magnets are small but curiously strong rare earth super-magnets, 5mm in diameter. How powerful? 8 Times more powerful than the ceramic magnets driving your speakers. 30 Times more powerful than the average fridge magnet.

Pull them into a chain, fold them into a fabric, and meld them into limitless shapes: both abstract and geometric, flat or 3D. Use them when you need to massage your mind, practice your patience, relieve some boredom or alleviate some stress.


Click on the science kit of your choice.

Zen Magnets may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed.
Don't leave them around animals, or children who don't understand this.
US Government Age recommendation is 14 years.

You’ll never put them down for good. Zen Magnets are fun to play with, deeply addictive, and go well with deep breaths. Mindfulness may have health benefits. Intelligence required.

Pull them into a chain, fold them into a fabric, and meld them into limitless shapes: both abstract and geometric, flat or 3D. Use them when you need to massage your mind, practice your patience, relieve some boredom or alleviate some stress.



We are a small company based in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado where the sky is always a bit bluer than in pictures you see.

We’re more than just another economic establishment poking for capital. We exist to celebrate the arousing poetry of design, commemorate the natural rhythm of geometric shapes, and rouse the dreams of inspired imaginations. Because there are few ventures more worthwhile than stretching the inventive mind, and catalyzing the ingenius intellectual. In addition to our magnet engagement, we hope our social conscience will speak for itself.

Google, Ideo, Chipotle, Blizzard. Respectable companies share many attributes that we like to see in people; honest, creative, dependable and fun.

You can call us Zen Magnets.com. We peddle fun and clarity in the form of strong and shiny rare-earth magnet balls. We gratefully stand atop the shoulders of scientific development.

“We are perishing for want of wonder, not want of wonders”

A: Short version: Balls have a north and a south, therefore rings can be counter-clockwise or clockwise, thus hex sheets have polarity as well, lemma stacks of odd numbered sheets can always be flipped upside down to change polarity. Often easier to start over then attempt to fix. The behavior of magnets are consistent, and will become predictable with practice.
Long Version: Guide.ZenMagnets.Com
A: We don't use google checkout shipping notifications, as we promise to ship within 24 business hours anyways. Business days are Monday to Friday, though sometimes we ship Saturdays too. Standard shipping is First Class through the Postal Service. 5-7 days within the US, up to three weeks internationally. No tracking except with Express. They might come faster if you wait by the mailbox all day, and stare at it really hard.
A: According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 14 years old in the US for a strong magnetic toy. Unless it's not a toy, then no age limit. Unless it's a "Science Kit," then the age regulation is 8+. Zen Magnets are classified as a science kit, so the minimum age as recommended by the US Government is 8. Our common sense recommendation is 12.
A: Yes, we certainly are. Still proudly fighting the CPSC, and we shall continue to our last drop of Cashflow blood.
A: Yes, Zen Magnets can now be purchased with Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency. The value of Bitcoin doesn't come from government trust (like dollars) or chemical properties (like gold), but instead from mathematical properties of cryptography. International orders purchased with bitcoin will be billed for the difference in shipping after purchase. If you would like to upgrade your shipping method, please contact us directly, and we'll manually send you an invoice. Litecoins are also accepted manually, just ask.
A: Roll individual magnets around some scotch tape to clean them, don't play with the magnets until all the dirt is off the poles. Silly putty, sticky tack or cleaning putty also work well. If they are just oily or dusty, a cotton cloth or softer will do the trick.
A: Probably. Find your country in the shopping cart, and it will give you a shipping price. Except Brazil. Too many packages get lost to Brazil.
A: The magnetic strength can be weakened by excessive shock or heat. So don't bake them or shoot them out of a BB gun. The demagnetization due to time alone is about 5% in a human lifetime. They cannot be re-magnetized.
A: Nobody actually asks this question but the bankers require us to have one. Here it is: We will never share/spread/sell your address/email/name.
A: 30 days in resell-able condition. Refund or exchange. Buyer covers return shipping.
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