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Zen Magnets

Zen Magnets may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed. Don’t leave them around animals, or children who don’t understand this. US Gov Recommends Ages 14+

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6/2018: 6 Years of Battle Ends In Victory

"We will not settle for any sort of stop-sale of magnets that are perfectly safe when not misused... We vow to continue this [legal] battle until our very last drop of cash-flow blood", promised in August 2014, forecasting 95% chance of a...

[Edit 4x: So close to conclusion] End of the world again lol

[Edit#4 4/18/2018: Technically we may have a result to our 6 year long lawsuit by May 2017, but the CPSC only recently provided the full records to the Judge. It's difficult to say when we'll really have a conclusion. So close, yet so...

11/29/2016: Ban Cleared.

TL;DR: We beat the magnet ban. Whew. Immediately beginning production of Zen Magnets for Q1 2017 delivery. Dear CPSC,   It seems like just the other day that magnet spheres were regulated more restrictively than cars,...

3/29/16 Update: Whoa. We won

90% Victory, 10% Recall TL;DR: Zen Magnets won the 2014 hearing. Judge concludes proper use of magnets creates no danger. Some recalls. Still no Zen Magnets to sell. Administrative Case Decision They said it couldn't be done. We knew the...

You’ll never put them down for good. Zen Magnets are fun to play with, deeply addictive, and go well with deep breaths. Mindfulness may have health benefits. Intelligence required.

Zen is not difficult, just free yourself from all incoming complications and hold your mind against them like a great iron wall. To receive lucidity, we must be willing to empty our cup, let go of our vain imaginings, become able to taste and appreciate a simple cup of tea. We do not sit before the Master trembling, thinking he has some kind of answer that will make our lives all right. Little by little we begin to realize that this cup of tea contains everything.

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