“PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – All genuine Zen Magnets and Neoballs have been recalled and are no longer for sale.

Click here or call 1-844-936-6245 to receive a refund.

Click here to view the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice.”


Read ‘Joint’ Recall Press Release Here
Read Recall Consumer Targeted Letter Here

The above mandatory CPSC staff-approved communications were the most recent draft notices received by Zen, all of which were created by the CPSC without consensus from Zen Magnets. Regarding the “death” that from a “similar product” that CPSC frequently likes mention in the same paragraph as Zen Magnets, while very sad that such an event occurred, it’s important to clarify that:
1. The product involved with the death was not Zen’s product, and not marketed, labeled, packaged, or sold in a manner similar to Zen’s products.
2. The “Child A did not die from SREM use alone. The investigative reports show Child A ingested SREMs while living in an unsafe, unsanitary environment” according to a Judge who reviewed the details. There was “a lack of basic custodial supervision, which very likely could have prevented SREM ingestion in the first instance.” See page 18 of the 2016 ALJ Decision and Order for more details.

This CPSC Mandatory recall is mutually exclusive to the voluntary recall we’ve been offering since 2016, which allowed customers to send magnets back for any reason. To proceed with the CPSC Mandated recall, please fill out the following form:

CPSC Recall Form



Questions ordered according to the frequency they are asked.

Q: What can I do to help/support/assist you guys?
A: We’ve read all of your emails, and are overwhelmed by the messages of support. And though Zen Magnets won’t be respawning this time, but continue to believe that the the right for adults to access recreational magnets is worth fighting for. If you agree, we’d direct your attention toward furthering the adoption of ASTM-F3458.
What is ASTM-F3458? Zen was the first to petition the CPSC for safer standards for recreational magnets after the 2016 ban was overturned for not having properly considered alternatives. The spirit of our petition for safer magnet standards lives on in ASTM-F3458, which requires warnings stronger than cigarettes and fireworks combined, plus child resistant packaging. In this case, we think the best strategy for fighting irrational regulation is with reasonable regulation. If you’d like to carry our torch:
1. Secure the standard. Participate in the development of ASTM-F3458, and don’t let it be hijacked. Consumers who care about 5mm magnets are needed. Become an ASTM member for $75 a year, and let Molly <mlynyak@astm.org> know that you’d like to participate as a consumer for the ASTM-F3458 standard.
2. Make it known. Don’t let the “magnets are kids toys” strawman arguments stand, or allow the CPSC or it’s lobbyists to get away with ignoring the existence of reasonable existing standards. Push for the enforcement of ASTM-F3458 as a balance between safety and liberty.

Q: I can use magnets safely because of (numerous valid reasons), can I still buy Zen Magnets from you guys anyways?
A: No. Sorry. Not from us. And not from anyone if you live in the US. If you’re looking for 5mm magnets spec’d similarly to Zen Magnets, we don’t have an answer for you. But you’ll still be able to find magnetic balls from various places on the internet. Try a search on eBay or google for example. If you make a site that lists all of the options, let us know and we’ll link it. And if/when you obtain high powered magnets elsewhere online, remember that they likely won’t be labeled and packaged as safely as our products were. Magnets must be respected, but need not be feared.
We do still sell 2.5mm compliance micromagnets and others things at Neoballs.com. Also, the Zen Magnets brand and business is for sale, so perhaps an entrepreneur in a different country – one that doesn’t ban kinder eggs – will bring it back for non-Americans. Contact us if that’s you..

Q: How do I get a refund/ opt in to the recall?
A: Start by filling out the form linked in the button above.

Q: Where do I send my letter/ how do I reach (CPSC/government) with my thoughts?
A: The CPSC Mailing address can be found here (https://www.cpsc.gov/About-CPSC/Contact-Information), and the emails of their personnel (https://www.cpsc.gov/organization-chart) use a First Letter + Last Name @CPSC.gov email pattern. For example, the CPSC commissioner emails would be: “Dana Baiocco” <dbaiocco@cpsc.gov>, “Peter Feldman” <pfeldman@cpsc.gov>, “Robert Adler” <radler@cpsc.gov>
But the CPSC, along with their primary magnet prohibition allies (Senator Blumenthal, Bryan Rudolph, Todd Frankel), are pretty good at simply ignoring what doesn’t line up with their agenda. Your viewpoints about adult access to magnets will probably make a bigger splash if directed to your own city and state representatives.

If you have questions not answered above, please reach out to contact@zenmagnets.com with “CSPC Recall Question” in the subject and we’ll add it on this page if it’s asked more than 3 times.