We pick the best videos ~weekly to be part of the Featured Videos playlist shown here. Expect tutorials, animations, demonstrations, anything. Not all videos here must necessarily be made with Zen Magnets. Some of the videos we feature may also:

·Require 3D glasses.
·Be authored by us.
·Be authored in collaboration with other partners.

To participate, simply upload your video to youtube. You can help us discover your video with tags, descriptions and titles that are related to Zen Magnets and Magnet Spheres.

3D Zen Magnets

The 3D version of “Never Let Go of Childhood Wonder” is at 3d.zenmagnets.com. Instructions on how to obtain 3D glasses and watch 3D video also at 3d.zenmagnets.com.

Frontpage Contest Winners

The 43 winners for the Front-page Contest are a collection of some of the best 1 set demos on YouTube. Check out the full YouTube playlist here.

Zen Gallery Videos

These are the videos submitted through the flickr gallery, and are awarded according to views. Updated about annually. YouTube playlist here.