We’re working on more videos in 3D.

Free 3D Glasses

We’ll send you two pairs of our Red/Cyan glasses for free. Send a Self Addressed Stamped ($.44 US) Envelope to:

Zen Magnet 3D Glasses

PO Box 1744

Boulder, CO 80306

Limit one per address. If you take the time to do this, we’ll take the time to ship them to you at no additional charge. You can also get 3D glasses by ordering some Zen Magnets. We include one pair of 3D glasses with every order.

We’d also like to note that not only are these custom 3D glasses free, but they’re some of the best out there. They may be framed with simple paperboard, but as usual, we take quality seriously. The optical characteristics and color filtering parameters were not overlooked during the testing process. You can find more information, and buy larger quantities of glasses here.

3D glasses are not for use by children three years of age and under. They’re not for extended wear, performing physical activity, or outside play. They’re not sunglasses. They’re solely intended for viewing anaglyph 3D content.

3D Optimization

If you’re using red/cyan glasses, you’ll also need to be browsing on a system that can play flash video. As of 2015, youtube loads the HTML5 player by default, and the 3D function may not function if using chrome or internet explorer. Firefox is so far the only browser to consistently work with youtube 3d. Recommend 720p or above, and selecting “Optimized (Dubois)” mode.

If you’re having trouble getting the 3D effect, here are some things (in order) to try:

        • Selecting Grayscale mode
        • Standing further away from the screen
        • Watching with the lights turned off
        • Putting on sunglasses over the 3D glasses

        The 3D effect is produced by two distinct images coming to each eye. The best experience would be in full color using a good 3D screen, such as an Evo 3D phone or LG FPR sreen with polarized glasses. If you still have difficulty aquiring the 3D effect, or you’re still seeing double images, the color spectrum of your screen may not be adequate. Some LCD displays will leak through the red lens. Use Part 2 of the 3D Screen Test below to check for crosstalk.