Zen Mandala Set

Warning: Zen Magnets are not children's toys, and may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed. Read warnings and keep away from face. Don't leave them around animals, or children who don't understand this.

Zen Mandala Set:

1728 Zen Magnets. 8 Spares, Locking Sapelle Wood Box, Large Platform, Snap Palette, Lifetime Cloth, 2 Cards and Guide.


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Were 216 Magnets not equal to your ambition?

If you do not yet have organized construction techniques, approaching the Mandala set will feel abstruse at first. The Mandala consists of 1728 Zen Magnets, which is equal to eight Zen Triumph sets or twenty four Mini sets. This is not the carry-in-your-pocket and play-with-in-the-car set. Expect to sit down on some clear ground and invest some time and passion… Don’t be intimidated.


With this many magnets, you can design and build to your desires. You can architect advanced molecular structures out of dozens of basic particles. Form abstract doodads and objects as large as their exoskeletons can support. Engineer lovely repeating lattice configurations in three dimensions. Create complete castles or carry out your fractal fantasies. And after you’ve made your snazzy scene of symmetrical figurines, learn to let go, and start over.

Smash a thousand Zen Magnets into a messy amorphous fuster cluck, and you’re sure to regret it. Sure it will be fun to plunge your fingers into, but entropy and chaos are always easier to do, than to undo. It will take two people at least ten minutes each to refine a 2 pound glob of knotty magnets back into a useful construction chain. Don’t trash, Recycle.

The 3rd generation Mandala features an alluring wood case made from Tropical Sapelle, underscoring one of the most gentle yet unpredictable timber textures to be seen. Each individually numbered hand-made box is as unique as the exotic wood grain; impression breeds affection at first sight. Case interiors are lined with thick maroon velvet. The molded cushion insert is removable to accommodate additional magnets or other valuables. The padded inner lid pulls down to reveal a laser engraved building platform. The new Zen Snap Palette serves as an additional building platform that will snap to your wrist or lie flat on a table. Included is a vibrant micro-fiber cloth with an endless replacement pledge; a lifetime supply to be used one cloth at a time. Two custom 0.5mm PVC card tools and a comprehensive building guide is also included.

Measures over eight and a half meters long, single file. For $289.93, the value is obvious. Mirror coated NiCuNi for longevity and tactility. Ultra tight ±0.01mm diameter tolerances for maximum consistency of use, and lattice rigidity. Perfection unmatched.

Booster Set 216 Zen Magnets

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Mandala Set 1728 Zen Magnets

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