What are Zen Magnets?

Zen Magnets are ultra premium magnet spheres. Highest quality on the market since 2009. You’ll never put them down for good.

The experience starts with the feeling of cool, mirror polished spheres in your hand. But possibilities for constructive creation go so much deeper. Zen Magnets are addictive to play with, and go well with deep breaths.

Our tireless quality control ensures that every set is 5.00 ± 0.01mm diameter, resulting in flatter sheets, stronger frames, and consistent operability. The mirror-polished nickel coating is not only beautiful, but much more durable in use. Precision unmatched.

Available for retail in 3 different sets; The 72pc Fidget Set (Available Q4 2018), The 216pc Triumph Set, and the 1728pc Mandala Set. For more information on our product line, consult our catalog:


Partnership Requirements

Zen Magnets are not children’s toys! If carried in stores with children’s products, Zen Magnets should be kept with other 14+ products. Partners must adhere to pricing guidelines. We are fairly selective with the establishments that are approved to sell Zen Magnets. However, we also manufacture Neoballs, which we are far less choosy about. Both brands utilize the same wholesale application, you may express interest in either or both in the form.


Guaranteed Favorite, Zero Risk

We offer a full buy-back guarantee. So if you ever feel like you’re sitting on too much stock we’ll take back our magnets and refund you, no questions asked. The hardest part of this whole process, is filling out the application form. We’ll make everything else easy.


Online Sales Policy

We do not allow reselling on 3rd-party marketplaces, or online-only retailers without special considerations and permission. Brick and mortar stores may sell on their corresponding website(s), as long as the account’s online listing(s) adhere to MAP pricing and include proper warnings and age limit.



Zen Magnets are not currently available for retail in all countries, although we would very much like to be. Fill out the wholesale application, or email us at wholesale@zenmagnets.com and we will work with you to provide packaging that is compliant with regulations in your country.

If you’re interested in carrying Zen Magnets, follow the link below.

We’ll be in touch with more information.