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We’d love to make an acrylic fiber optic display case, just for your store, that would take up only one square foot of counter-top space. This piece of art is guaranteed to sell the magnets with no effort on your part, and is meant to attract curiosity as well as inspire. Your logo will be laser engraved at the top to meld with the branding of your location, and space at the bottom of the display can be used for storing stock.

The leading feature is the fiber optic edge-lit mirror box to exhibit a sample sculpture. The front of the mirror box appears as a window to an infinite plane of different perspectives horizontally, and vertically as well when viewed close. The included solar powered rotating platter is powered by the diffused fiber-optic edge lighting, and commands attention even when the perspective is static.

Additionally, a video screen will loop through a dozen incredible demonstration videos made by our community. All videos are among the top 20th percentile of submission from the 39th Zen Magnets contest, and showcase a variety of basic and advanced manipulation techniques. The screen mount has adjustable tilt to accommodate varying counter-top heights. Power must be nearby to power the screen and lights. Small displays require under a square foot of space, larger displays require up to 34 inches of height and can store inventory.


Beautiful, Addictive, Magnets

Each gift set includes a full set of 216 Authentic Zen Magnets that encompass the ideal balance between harmony of resistance and weight. Knead them hard for a settling hand massage or to relieve some stress. Plan out shapes and configurations to become a magnet architect. The possibilities are endless when you stir in some originality, creativity, spatial awareness, tactile technique, and a dash of inspiration. What people end up with will never fail to surprise and impress. Each Zen Magnets Gift Set provides everything one needs to get started:

· Full set of 216 Genuine Zen Magnets
· Laser etched stainless steel building platform
· Delicately prismatic microfiber cleaning cloth
· Brimful guide of magnet sphere techniques
· Logo engraved sliding bamboo box
· 0.5mm PVC card tool
· Embroidered velvet drawstring bag
· 6 Spare Zen Magnets


The same quality that spawned 35,000 Youtube videos and a prime reputation in the magnet sphere world. Mirror coated NiCuNi plating so smooth, that you can see the reflection of the entire room on every individual ball. Utterly unmatched 5.0 +/- 0.01mm tolerances, which result in the most repeatable builds, the straightest frames, and the flattest sheets. N38 Strength, so every sphere can hold the weight of an entire chain, while still allowing for easy separation and manipulation by individual fingers. There are no other magnet spheres that sound or feel as sharp or smooth as Zen Magnets.


Adult Oriented Stores (E-Cig, Medical, Recreational, Ect.)

The demand for Zen Magnets is proven, and the interest is ripe. Only a few adult-only stores are eligible to host Zen Magnets. Why? For the same reason we ask customers to be verbally reminded to “keep magnets away from mouths” prior to sale. We market our product toward responsible adults, and not young children who may not understand the dangers of swallowing magnets. The Federal Government is pushing for a ban on magnets, which are 100% safe if not consumed. Zen Magnets, distinguished by having maximum quality magnets, is now the largest and nearly last in a breed of magnet sphere companies. While we fight to keep educational and artistic magnets available, access will be to locations that include an adult-only age floor. To see where we are already located visit our Locations Page. For more information about our fight to keep magnets available, see savemagnets.com.


Guaranteed Favorite, Zero Risk

We offer a full buy-back guarantee. So if you ever feel like you’re sitting on too much stock we’ll take back our magnets and refund you, no questions asked. The hardest part of this whole process, is filling out the contact form to the right. We’ll make everything else easy.


Partnership Requirements

  • Age floor of 18 or 21 years for purchase. (ID Verification)
  • Verbally remind all purchasers to keep magnets away from mouth.
  • Follow Pricing Guidelines.
  • Approximately 1’x1’x1′ of space for a display or taller (Optional)


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