Hopefully the video below is as entertaining as it is informative. Though first prompted as a response to a WaPo hit piece, it’s the truth behind the entire upcoming wave of magnet prohibition politics. Also covers why we’re stopping new product releases, and to what degree we’re going to let it all happen. If you decide to like/share, don’t do it for us. We’re not going to be around to fight forever.

On 12/20/19, Senator Blumenthal introduced into Congress a clone of the previously repealed magnet ban. Even though there’s always been a “ban” on high powered magnet balls being sold as kids toys, the CPSC has not been enforcing the hazardous magnet restrictions of the ASTM F963 toy safety law since 2016.



Using the untouchable executive power of selective enforcement the CPSC has been allowing a new epidemic of magnet injuries by encouraging sales of hazardous illegal magnets through lack of enforcement, as well as actively hindering the efforts of industry leaders of magnet set safety to develop reasonable regulation, in order to ensure the self fulfilling prophecy that “warnings don’t work”.




For the rest of the year, we’re discontinuing all sales and promotions, no annual 420 sales or Black Friday sale for 2020, The only coupon code active for zenmagnets.com will be  “THECPSCISGUILTYASHELL” for 1 cent off. To encourage non-enthusiast awareness of what effective labeling looks like for high powered magnet spheres, we’re permanently dropping the price of Zen Magnets as low as we reasonably can, until the new ban forces Zen’s heartbeat flat, or at least through the rest of 2020.

Even if/when we can’t sell magnets, we’ll still resist the disinformation about how it all went down.

Want to help? Stay tuned.


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