[EDIT 1/2021] Free Magnet Giveaways are no longer active. What Happened to Zen Magnets?
Free magnets for the poor, and the passionate. Easy magnets to our social media followers, but the real prizes come with effort and competition. Unless otherwise specified, a set is equal to a $25 gift card that works on Neoballs.com, Zenmagnets.com, Micromagnets.com.

1. Zen Gallery – 21 Zen Sets/Month

The Zen Magnets Gallery. Thousands of sets of Zen Magnets have been awarded since 2009. Zen Magnets staff curates the gallery every business day. A gallery exclusive Zen Triumph Set with a 24k gallery pin is awarded for every three Zen Gallery Photos accepted.

How to enter: To become a Gallery Member, start by reading the Group Rules at gallery.zenmagnets.com. A Flickr account, genuine Zen Magnets, photographic skill, and creativity required. Don’t be intimated. We try to accept at least one relatively easy build per day to welcome newcomers.

2. Zen Contests – $250 to $4000 /Month

We’re looking forward to bringing back contests now that our legal woes are mostly behind us. Don’t expect every contest to provide $4000 in prizes! Perhaps one day when we are fully recovered from the 2015-2016 CPSC ban.

Sometimes prizes are magnets, and sometimes they’re cash. Multiple winners per contest. Magnets usually required. Contest winners often picked by a jury of internet strangers, as well Zen Magnets staff. Each contest has varying formats, requirements, and goals.

How to enter: Enter the monthly contests found at contests.zenmagnets.com.

To be notified of new contests, or to vote on other people’s submissions, subscribe to the “contests” interest on newsletter.zenmagnets.com.

3. @zenmagnets Instagram – 3 Sets/Month

One set a month given away to a random follower. The other two sets may require some guessing, solving, or tagging a buddy, but No Magnets will be required.

How to enter: Follow @zenmagnets on Instagram to be entered in the monthly drawing. Keep your eye on the description of photos for the opportunity to win magnets for yourself and potentially a friend.

4. @neoballs Instagram – 1 Set/Month

Easy magnets. No magnets required, just follow. Winners picked at random and notified via Instagram tag.

How to enter: Follow @neoballs on Instagram, it’s that simple.

5. Zen Magnets Facebook – 1 Set/Month

No magnets required. Keep an eye out for the the monthly post. We’ll Facebook message the winner.

How to enter:  Like Zen Magnets on Facebook, and look for the monthly post. Turn on “See First” News Feed priority if you don’t want to miss any.

6. Newsletter – 1 Set/Month

No magnets required. Random, with probability of winning multiplied by your Mailchimp Member rating to reward loyalty and engagement (such as email forwards, purchases, link clicks, etc). Winners notified via email.

How to enter: Sign up at newsletter.zenmagnets.com, for email updates and the best deals. You can also subscribe to the sub-interests, but it won’t directly increase your chances.